Company History HamHed LLC is a United States Veterans Administration designated Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Co-founder and majority owner, Eric Hedrick, served our country in the United States Army, participating in two combat missions from 1988 to 1992. Eric returned home to study business administration and joined the police force and served his local fire department as Chief. That is where he met co-founder and Chief Financial Officer, John Obermeier. John has a lengthy history in management, finance and civil fire service including Lieutenant and as a Fire Marshal to this day. HamHed LLC was founded with a strong belief in service, responsibility, hard work and the American dream. Company Philosophy HamHed LLC’s integrity, sense of responsibility, emphasis on quality, discipline and a sense of teamwork result in a meticulous attention to detail in every job that we do. Employees are the difference between the success and failure of our business, and therefore are listened to, invested in, appreciated and treated with respect. They show unwavering dedication and have an innate drive to be autonomous, competent and connected to others. As a result, they are intrinsically motivated, productive and happy. HamHed LLC's mission is to deliver exceptional quality and service unmatched by our competitors in everything we do. We surround ourselves with mentors who are the best at what they do. A​nd we never stop learning, improving and achieving. HamHed, LLC currently performs janitorial services in over 40 States totaling over 3.5 million in revenue annually.
W. Eric Hedrick Chief Executive Officer As majority owner of HamHed LLC, W. Eric Hedrick oversees the management of government and commercial operations. These responsibilities include: operational and financial management, staff augmentation, recruiting, business development, quality control, establishment of company objectives, interfacing with clients, contract negotiations, and providing management and technical support of projects. Eric’s time in the military taught him a meticulous attention to detail, a work ethic he continues at HamHed, LLC today. Eric enlisted in the United States Army as a Military Counter Intelligence Agent after graduating high school in 1987. As a Military Intelligence Agent and Paratrooper in the 18th Airborne Corp (Ft. Bragg, NC from 1988 thru 1992), he attended numerous military courses: Military Counter Intelligence School, Spanish Linguist School, Primary Leadership Development Course, and the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy. Eric had the privilege of participating in two combat situations while in the US Army: Operation “Just Cause”, The Invasion of Panama 1989, where he acted as a Spanish interpreter for Special Operations Forces as the SOCOM (Special Operations Command) Unit collected on the spot intelligence in an effort to track down and capture, then President of Panama, Manuel Noriega. The second combat situation was Operation “Desert Storm”, Persian Gulf. There, he acted as a Military Intelligence Agent and conducted security threat assessments for US Troop occupied compounds. As the operation progressed he began running cross-border agent source intelligence operations. Once the Desert Storm ground war began Eric was moved to the front line to act as a member of the US Army Intelligence briefing team and liaison for the 6th Armored Division of the French Army. Eric states that his military experience influences his work ethic and decision making everyday, and he learned how to respond under pressure and how every single detail is important to the success of an operation. After completing his military service in 1992, Eric re-enrolled at Indiana University Southeast to pursue a degree in Business Administration. In 1994, he took a position as a Jeffersonville Police Officer and graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1995. Eric acted as a patrol officer, K-9 officer, department Spanish linguist and a member of the Emergency Response Team. He transferred over to the City Fire Department in 2001 and was appointed the Jeffersonville Fire Chief 2012. As Chief, his goal continues to be "culture change" of the department. Pre-planning mentality toward all situations. Eric became a member of the Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security (IDHS) District 9 Task Force in 2012 and was appointed by Governor Daniels and was selected to lead the team as the Task Force Commander (TFC) in mid 2012. As TFC he lead a 12-County area of Police, Fire, EMS personnel as they build an Incident Management Team capable of responding to emergency situations that occur around the State and Country. Since becoming involved in the IDHS response mission, Eric has attended numerous schools in emergency incident response; Incident Commander, Planning Section Chief, Resource Unit Leader, Incident Safety Officer, Liaison Officer, and Public Information Officer. As any good leader would, he insists on using the words "We" and "us" and will never admit to running the business himself. Eric prides himself on creating a team and an environment where employees know they are properly utilized and placed in the team. He surrounds himself with a team of people who are smarter than him in every area, whether it be Safety Training, Facility Vulnerability Assessments, Janitorial, Grounds Maintenance, Snow/Ice Removal, Street Sweeping. This allows Eric to dream, envision and plan the future of the company, “Steer the Ship”; while everyone else is keeping the ship moving in whatever direction he points it. These same leadership abilities are evident in his current role as Chief of the Jeffersonville Fire Department.
John Obermeier Chief Financial Officer Mr. Obermeier graduated high school in 1993. He began his college education at (IUS) Indiana University Southeast. While attending IUS, John worked the graveyard shift at UPS in the Air Hub in Louisville, KY. IN 1995 he transferred to Indiana University Bloomington where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in the College of Arts and Sciences, with a major in Criminal Justice. While at the University of Indiana John was a varsity cheerleader for 2 years. After graduating college he began his career with American General Finance as a loan manager. It was at American General Finance that John learned the importance of financial management. He left American General Finance in 1999 to work for a family owned business, Gray and Wells Body Shop. In 2004, John left Gray and Wells to become a member of the Jeffersonville Fire Department where he has held the position of Lieutenant and currently serves as a Fire Marshal. John began working with HamHed LLC in 2004 as part of the snow removal team. In 2005 he began managing the snow removal team. In 2010, John became a member of HamHed LLC and took the position of CFO/Account Manager. He oversees the finances and manages local operations. John manages 15-20 people on a daily basis. He continues to focus on the controlled growth of HamHed LLC making sure the company grows in a responsible manner.

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